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What is Concierge Oncology Rehab Services ?

Who We Are

We are a mobile concierge practice specializing in oncology rehabilitation and lymphedema therapy. We have a passion to help cancer survivors manage their effects from treatment while progressing them into their next phase of physical health and wellness.

Our Mission

My mission is to help cancer survivors, embrace life beyond their illness by combining what we know about today's oncology care, fitness and nutrition and progress them into their new level of health.

Meet Lesli Jenkins, OTR/L, CLT 

Occupational Therapist

Certified Lymphedema Therapist

Oncology Rehabilitation Specialist

"When my mother was diagnosed with cancer, we all were devastated, overwhelmed and scared. 

For all the cancer support and awareness available today, no one really talks about the next step after treatment and what comes after you leave the hospital and complete outpatient therapy. Survivorship can be a grey area after you are discharged. Not everybody has a trained family member to help guide and support them after treatment is done and during the adjustment back to "normal" life. Daily routines are often challenged with unexpected barriers that change what and how you do the things you love.

Let me be that trusted healthcare provider in your next step after treatment and beyond. Just surviving and beating cancer is not the end of the journey. Effects from life-saving treatments can remain for a lifetime, but they do not have to limit your passion and joy. You can get back to your hobbies, activities, and interests with enthusiasm and confidence.

There is hope! Let us craft a tailored plan to take on whatever life after recovery looks like for you!"


Lesli has been working in the areas of oncology rehab and lymphedema for the last 8 years of her 12-year therapy career. She noticed 4 years ago when her mother was diagnosed with gastric lymphoma how important and valuable her training was during that time. Her mission in life now, is to help as many people as she can, navigate the long term effects of cancer treatments and give hope to all loved ones dealing with cancer across the board. She currently lives in the Dallas-Forth Worth area with her husband, two sons and one very senior English bulldog. She enjoys her church community, slow-cooker recipes, spending time with her family and, of course, drinking coffee. “

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